Sample from an actual client:

1. Taking the right classes in high school can save $30000 in college costs

2. Improving test scores to get better institutional scholarships can save up to $100,000 over four years

3. Avoiding selecting the wrong kind of college and transferring, costing up to a year in lost credits can save $30,000 or more

With proper guidance from an experienced professional throughout high school, a student can save a total of $116,000!!

Why should I use  With the cost of four years of college ranging from $100,000-$200,000 or more, and with so many students transferring colleges and taking 6 years to graduate, working with a professional college planner is as important as working with a financial planner.  My 4-Year Plan works with students to help create a clear vision, with sustainable goals and a strategic pathway to achieving them.

What can do for me? 

We develop a specific combination of factors to ensure the student:

Sees the possibilities between their strengths and interests, and potential careers

Assimilates a vision for their immediate future

Selects the right kind of major or career training

Zeroes in on the best match to receive the training that aligns with their vision

Plans for the most affordable way to finance their education

​When should I use  Students beginning in 9th grade are wise to begin charting their customized course.


+  30,000