Steps to Success. My 4-Year Plan uses the OPEN acronym for 9th and 10th graders, as these underclass students open the doors to New Opportunities, New Privileges, New Expectations, and New Neighbors. The goal for 9th and 10th grade students is to ensure they are prepared for success throughout high school and beyond by providing them with personal strength assets that lay the groundwork for their years as upperclass students.  This is done through key work in assessing their current OPEN assets and strategically identifying key attributes upon which to build their Steps to Success portfolio.  An additional Interest Inventory helps create a picture that is then used to inform recommendations for leadership, volunteerism, and involvement throughout high school.  Students in the Steps to Success plan meet for these assessments, and work with My 4-Year Plan to collaboratively design a customized plan that serves as a springboard so once they reach 11th grade, they are already well-rounded and more importantly, cognizant of their aspirations and contributions.