Saving Money                   College should not and does not have to bankrupt students and families!

Whether your student has a 2.0 or a 4.0 GPA, tens of thousands can be saved by knowing ALL the ways to save money, beyond elusive scholarships.               ​ 

The right course selection, the right major, and the right college can all work hand in hand to save you tens of thousands of dollars on a college education.

Fact:  High School students have no life experience to help them see the cost of a college education and how it gets funded. The average 2016 college grad has over $37,000 in college debt, and the debt load is rising by more than 6% annually. More than 70% of college students are borrowing money for college.

Example:  An 18-year-old borrowing over $100,000 for four years of college may be sacrificing long-term decisions because of college debt, such as purchasing a house, or even whether to get married and have children!

Right Course Selection: specializes in customized course planning that helps your student more quickly identify areas of interest and put courses to work in a long-term plan.

Right Major: Some college students flounder at college, changing their major 4 or 5 times, losing a year or longer in college credits and time, at a cost of $30,000 or more!                 helps your students hone in on specific areas of interest and skill, and industry trends to chart a course that gives them confidence in their major plan.

Right College:  The correlation between test scores and institutional aid is one of the most overlooked sources of college funding among today's families.  Selecting a college that aligns well with your student, and knowing the institutional aid available is one of the single most important things your family can do to save money on college.


"No two students funding strategies are alike. One student graduated in three years and saved $25,000. One student earned a $48,000 private scholarship.  Another student amassed over $300,000 in fine arts scholarship offers.  And still another raised her SAT score to qualify for a $14,400 a year scholarship.  All these students used the principles of     "