How does work?  

Customized Plan. My 4-Year Plan is based on the philosophy that each student has unique strengths, ambitions, and interests, and that their college planning should match that with a completely customized plan.  When we work with your family, you receive one-on-one sessions, many hours of personalized research, and a plan that is unique to meeting your student's vision and goals. 

Consistent Goals.  With every client, the goals are to simplify the process, save tens of thousands of dollars, and equip the student with a plan for success. Using unique strategies and a holistic process, My 4-Year Plan provides creates a path that is clear and concrete.  

Holistic Plans. Parents can select the Comprehensive plan, the Course Selection Plan, the Competitive Edge plan, and the Steps to Success plan. The cost of these plans combined has the potential of being 1% of the entire cost of college.  

Consultation, Planning, Presentation.  After your initial free consultation, I get to work aligning every factor unique to your student's goals.  This may include pinpointing the transferability of AP courses, potential institutional scholarships, and special opportunities parents may not otherwise know about.  After the plan is developed, we come back together to review and modify the plan.

When should you start?  Ensuring your student's success in high school ideally starts in 9th grade when new opportunities, priorities, and expectations are in front of students.  The Steps to Success plan helps match students' interests with new opportunities that are intentional and optimal, helping guide them to developing personal assets that will be critical to their success as they approach 11th and 12th grade.

If you're interested in relieving the stress of college, and potentially saving up to $100,000 or more, Call today!  412.720.9802