"The difference between a student who selects a college and major that is a good fit, with a smart financial plan, and a student whose plans are evasive or not right-sized, can be worth the cost of a house, either because the student’s earning potential is limited, or because the student pays too much for college."

Creating Your Path

Today's students are faced with tremendous pressure to select a major and plan for a career, all before they even become an adult!  Parents can help confirm in their students skills and interests and best possible fields of study, but my4-yearplan.com comprehensively works with the student to create a customized plan, AND relieves the confusion that often comes with planning so your student can focus on success.

Fact: Today’s high school students are more prepared than ever to pursue amazing careers, but guidance counselors simply do not have the time to help each student align their specific interests, talents, and skills with specific college majors, opportunities, and career options.

Student A was an average high school student. He knew, though, exactly the major he wanted to pursue.  Applying himself in every way, he selected the college where most recruiters in his field look for interns.  He did internships after his sophomore and junior years, and took as many professional licensing exams as he could.  He even tutored other college students to prepare for the licensing exams.  Five companies interviewed him in his senior year of college, two years ago.  Today, he is making $175,000 a year in a field he loves.

​Student B was a bright high schooler who applied herself minimally and had no vision for her future vocationally.  She unknowingly selected an expensive college with no clear goal of a major or indication of interest. Her parents are currently funding her education at an approximate cost of almost $40,000 a year, with no anticipation of the outcome.

Bottom Line:  The selection of a college should be carefully decided by the students and their parents, and aided by professional input.