Course Selection Plan-Helps ANY High School or College Student Know the Tricks of Choosing the Right Courses. Ideal for students beginning 10th grade or higher.

3-4 hours of customized  planning

*This Plan works best if paired with the Comprehensive Plan in order to truly make a plan specific to each student's personality.

Parents and students may not fully realize how careful course planning in both high school and college can significantly reduce the cost of college while opening the door to new options around college coursework! With hundreds of students, academic advisors do not have time to develop a custom plan for each individual, which prevents students from fully taking advantage of ways to leverage course planning.

Step One: This 90-minute meeting focuses on high school and/or college course selection.

High School Students focus on charting high school electives and advanced courses.

Incoming or Current College Students identify their major, a double major or minor, or even a study abroad, and My 4-Year Plan creates a custom roadmap utilizing the program requirements at that college to  create a full 4-year roadmap.

Step two:  An personalized report provides a blueprint for course planning in either high school or college