Comprehensive Plan-The Personal Plan for Every Student                    

Step One: (90-minute Assessment)

I meet with the student and their parents in a student-centered and relaxed way and I assess the student more deeply in the areas of:

  • Interests, values, skills and hobbies

  • Future Ideas about a traditional college or another post-high school plan

  • Types of colleges a student is considering

  • Majors a student is considering

  • Occupations that are of interest

  • Additional factors that are the most important ones to a student

I learn more about the parent(s) in the areas of:

College resources/funding (Believe it or not, many families don’t discuss with their student who will be responsible for funding the education! This creates needless confusion and stress. This level of transparency opens the door to look at all viable options for choosing a college and determining the best ways to fund it)

Alignment of vision:  I ask parents to confirm gifts and skills they see in their student.  (Though high schoolers often seem too cool to hear from their parents, this is a pivotal exercise that helps ease the stress around the whole college decision).

Step Two: Extensive Outside Research: 

I spend several hours using this information to create an individualized action plan that includes:

  • Helping crystallize a personal vision based on personal profile

  • Developing the best personal path post-high school

  • Possible colleges and types of colleges

  • Best majors to consider and marketable career opportunities

  • General idea of which coursesto take in high school to prepare for that major (Course Selection Planning, priced separately, provides a specific plan of courses to take in high school and in college, saving you hundreds, and potentially thousands of dollars.)

  • Institutional scholarships available for the colleges your student is considering

  • Innovations for cost-cutting

  • Specific benefits each recommended college has that align with the student's vision

Step three: Personal Mapping: 

I meet with student and their parents to provide a comprehensive customized plan for the student.

(The potential savings your family will reap with this plan can add up to $116,000)