My Founder:

​Cathy Lueers is immersed in college and career services. Coming from a private college, where she helped college students realize huge gains by distinguishing themselves in the marketplace, she transfers this knowledge and expertise to high school students. By helping them best align their skills and interests with the right path after high school, and by helping families make college more affordable through strategic solutions, your family will be amazed at the results!

About provides one-on-one customized planning for the college process, from high school preparation and course selection, to majors, to best college fit, to college acceptance and pursuing a career.  Put in play, these factors can relieve the stress of decision-making, giving your student confidence, while saving you thousands!



"We had the extreme fortune of meeting with Cathy as our son began his college search and application process.  We were completely new to the whole process and knew nothing about the procedures of college planning, or even where to begin.

Cathy was incredibly knowledgeable, and she was so patient with us as we asked her question after question!   She went out of her way to meet with us at a time and location that was convenient to us.  She provided us with a wealth of knowledge and information that got us on the right track to getting our son to the college that best met his needs.  Furthermore, she explained the financial aid process (and made that complex task seem less cumbersome) and showed us where to look for the best grants and scholarships to make college a reality for our son.  

I'm not sure how we would have succeeded without her help. Thank you, Cathy"

Tom and Dayna White, parents of North Allegheny          Graduate